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 ====== Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics ====== ====== Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics ======
-This will be the front page for AIMS. [[https://​wiki.bath.ac.uk/​plugins/​viewsource/​viewpagesrc.action?​pageId=104432019|For now we link the schedule.]] ​+This will be the front page for AIMS. 
-  * //2 Feb 2020 note:// ​[[aims:​2019-20-aims|Currently working on the 2019-20 ​page here]].  +  * [[aims:​2019-20-aims|Please visit the 2019-20' schedule]]. 
-  * [[calendar|Bath Mathematics seminar calendar]]+
-Here is the current index on the aims level 
-<nspages aims>